(Special time and location!!!)Hunting Dark Matter in the Universe

韩家信 博士

Title: Hunting Dark Matter in the Universe

Speaker: Dr. Jiaxin Han
Institute: The University of Tokyo
Time: 2017.04.10(Monday) 10:00
Place: Physics Building 552, Haiyun Campus, Xiamen University
Abstract: Dark matter dominates the matter content of the Universe and remains one of the major puzzles of modern cosmology. We know little about the nature of dark matter except that they interact very weakly with baryonic matter except through gravity. Density perturbations in the dark matter field grow to form dark matter halos, which have been studied extensively with numerical simulations. Observational study of these objects have to rely on their gravitational effect on light (through lensing) and matter (through tracer dynamics), while non-gravitational detection of dark matter still has no definitive signal. I will introduce the work we did in analyzing the small scale distribution of dark matter, in simulations, gravitational lensing, dynamical modeling and gamma-ray detection.