Three-dimensional simulations of accretion flow in the progenitor of Tycho’s supernova

We run three-dimensional numerical simulations for the accretion flow around the white dwarf in the progenitor system of Tycho’s supernova. The mass of the white dwarf, mass of the companion star, and the orbital period are set to be 1 solar mass, 1.6 solar mass, and 0.794 day, respectively, based on theoretical and observational researches of Tycho’s SN remnant. We find that when the magnetic field in the accreted material is negligible, outflowing wind is concentrated near the equatorial plane. When the magnetic field has energy equipartition with internal energy, polar wind is comparable with the equatorial wind. A carefully chosen magnetic field between the above two cases (B = 5440G) can roughly reproduce the latitude-dependent wind required to form the peculiar periphery of Tycho’s SNR. Including a reasonable amount of viscosity in the calculation does not change our conclusion.

Accepted by MNRAS, Authors: Li Xue, Cheng-Liang Jiao, Yuan Li

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