ANG LI Prof./Dr.

Department of Astronomy

Xiamen University (Haiyun Campus)

Zengcuo'an West Road,

Xiamen, 361005 China

My publications (Total citations: 1300+, h-index: 22) from  ADS | Google Scholar | ReseachGate | ResearcherID  

Research Interests

Neutron star; Quark star; Nuclear astrophysics;

High energy astrophysics related to compact stars, dark matter, gamma-ray bursts, and supernova;

Finite nuclei/hypernuclei, and the underlying nucleon interaction and hyperon interaction

Education and Employment

2016/01 - 2016/04 University of Nevada Las Vegas (USA) - Visiting Scholar

2015/05 - 2015/06 University of Catania (Italy) - Visiting Scholar

2012.03 - 2013/02 RIKEN (Japan) - FPR

2011/03 - 2011/08 Texas A&M University-Commerce (USA) - Visiting Scholar

2007/12 - PRESENT Xiamen University (China) - Assistant, Associate, Full Professor  

2007/06 - 2007/12 INFN-LNS, Catania (Italy) - Visiting Scholar

2002/09 - 2007/06 Lanzhou University (China) - Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics

1998/09 - 2002/07 Lanzhou University (China) - Bachelor in National Physical Talents Training Center

Recent Conference Talks, Seminars and Colloquiums

2021/04/20 Constraints on Maximum Mass of Neutron Stars from LIGO/Virgo and NICER- “引力波时代基础物理的机遇与挑战” 研讨会

2021/04/06 Connecting neutron star observations and nuclear experiment consistently - 11th“原子核物理中的协变密度泛函理论”讲习班

2020/11/12 Equation of state of dense matter from multi-messenger observations of neutron stars  - IMP-CAS

2020/05/27 Equation of state of dense matter from multi-messenger observations of neutron stars - IOPP Forum

2019/11/29 Compact star equation of state and the maximum mass - KIAA Forum 2019: The Future of Gravitational Wave Astrophysics

2019/11/12 Recent works on compact star EoSs - 致密星及天体物理研讨会 (海口)

2019/08/17 Connecting neutron star observations and nuclear experiment consistently - Gravitational Wave Astrophysics Conference 2019

2019/07/23 Constraints on EOS from neutron star observations - Workshop on QCD Physics & Study of the QCD Phase Diagram and New-type Topologic Effect, Shandong University (Weihai campus)

2019/07/01 From EOS to matter state in GW era: Quark matter in neutron star? - KIAA-PKU

2019/06/15 Sound velocity in dense stellar matter and quark star equation of state - Workshop on New States in Dense Nuclear Matter (Changchun)

2019/06/07 Dense matter EOS and neutron star structure - 12th Jing-Guang-Xia Conference (Nanning) 

2019/05/10 GW170817-like events: Binary neutron stars or binary strange stars? - the 8th Huada (CCNU) School on QCD

2019/05/09 Neutron star and quark star: What is the matter state at exceedingly high density - Wuhan University

2019/04/10 Neutron star and quark star: What is the matter state at exceedingly high density - Hangzhou Normal University

2019/04/08 Neutron star and quark star: What is the matter state at exceedingly high density - Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology

2019/01/05 Neutron star equation of state for the quark level in the light of GW170817Xiamen-CUSTIPEN Workshop on the EOS of Dense Neutron-Rich Matter in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

2018/12/02 EoSs of neutron stars in GW era - Institute of High Energy Physics, CAS

2018/11/30 EoSs of neutron stars in GW era - School of Physics at Peking University

2018/11/29 Nuclear matter equation of state and neutron star I&II - Department of Physics at Tsinghua University

2018/10/19 Dense matter EOS with GW170817 - Nagoya Workshop on Dense Matter from Chiral Effective Theories 2018 

2018/08/07 Neutron star EOS and some calculations on pulsar glitch and characteristic SGRBs - Wuhan Univ. Nuclear Astrophysics Workshop

2018/07/06 Dense matter EOS from terrestrial nuclear measurements and astrophysical constraints - FAST/Future Pulsar Symposium 7
2018/06/11 Quark star EOSs in the light of SGRBs and GW170817 - CSQCD VII
2018/05/25 Dense matter EOS with GW170817 - 2nd GW national  meeting

2018/05/17 Nucleon radius, nuclear matter EOS and neutron stars (Z. Zhu)Chengdu-CUSTIPEN Workshop

2018/05/16 Nucleon radius, nuclear matter EOS and neutron stars (Z. Zhu)eXTP Consortium/Science Meeting

2018/05/16 Neutron star equation of state from quark level in the light of GW170817 - eXTP Consortium/Science Meeting

2018/05/12 Equation of states of neutron star and quark star - Shandong University at Weihai

2018/04/26 Equation of states of neutron star and quark star - TianQin Research Center for Gravitational Physics (SYSU)

2018/04/24 Neutron star EOS in the era of GW astronomy - lssf2018 (Zhuhai)

2018/04/17 Dense matter EOS and neutron star structure  - 3rd CBM-China (Yichang)

2018/04/09 Dense matter EOS with GW170817 - iHIC2018 (Tsinghua)

2017/12/16 Constrains on EOS with GW170817 - Xinglong Video

2017/12/15 Constrains on EOS with GW170817 - CIAE

2017/11/26 Quark Star EoSs and GW170817 (Z. Zhu), 11th Jing-Guang-Xia Conference (Guangzhou)

2017/11/08 QMF for nuclear matter with or without bag (Z. Zhu) - Beihang

2017/05/11 Pulsar glitch and nuclear EoS - Pingtang

2017/02/22 Internal plateau in SGRBs and quark stars - QCS2017 (YITP)

2016/12/18 EoSs of neutron stars and quark stars - GRB 973 annual meeting (Xiamen)

2016/10/31 Rotating compact stars - YITP

2016/08/08 Dense matter equation of state and recent astrophysical observations - XAO-CAS

2016/07/30 Rotating neutron stars and quark stars - Beihang

2016/07/23 Pulsar glitch, short GRBs and equation of state - 10th Jing-Guang-Xia Conference (Xiamen)

2016/07/09 Delta (1232) effects in DDRHF theory and neutron stars (Z. Zhu) - Nuclear structure 2016 (Lanzhou)

2016/06/16 Dense matter equation of state and rotating neutron stars - Nusym2016 (Tsinghua)

2016/05/24 Rotating NSs/QSs and recent astrophysical observations - CSQCD V (GSSI/LNGS,Italy)

2015/12/18 Neutron star equation of state - Neutron stars and nuclear astrophysics conference (Xiamen)

2015/11/21 Chiral condensation in nuclear matter with BHF - Chiral forces and ab initio calculations workshop (Xiamen)

2015/08/11 Strangeness phase transition in neutron star matter with BHF - IMP-CUSTIPEN workshop (Lanzhou)

2015/06/20 Phase transitions in neutron stars with BHF - NNINT2015 conference (Italy)

2014/11/30 Massive hybrid stars with a first-order phase transition - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

2014/10/27 Vela pulsar, core superfluid and glitch - Annual Meeting of the Chinese Astronomical Society (Lintong)

2014/10/22 Boiling of primordial quark nuggets in the early universe - KIAA-PKU

2014/09/12 Astrophysical implications for hot nuclear matter with BHF - ITPC/ITP-CAS

2013/12/30 Mass-radius relations of neutron stars and strange stars - KIAA-PKU

2012/12/15 Too massive neutron stars: The role of dark matter? -  CSQCD III conference (Brazil)

2012/09/12 Hypernuclei and neutron star matter from Brueckner theory - TU-Munich (Germany)

2012/06/14 Quark clusters and their astrophysical consequences - Tokyo Tech. University (Japan)

2012/01/03 Equation of state and the maximum mass of neutron stars - Topical Workshop on Hypernuclei and Exotic Matter (Xiamen)

2011/03/11 Massive neutron stars and the equation of state of matter at high densities -Texas A&M University-Commerce (USA)

Recent Publications

A. Li*, Z.-Q. Miao, S. Han, and B. Zhang, Constraints on the maximum mass of neutron stars with a quark core from GW170817 and NICER PSR J0030+0451 data, 2103.15119ApJ (2021) accepted outline

X. Zhou, A. Li*, and B.-A. Li, R-mode Stability of GW190814's Secondary Component as a Supermassive and Superfast Pulsar, 2011.11934ApJ 910, 62 (2021)

A. Li*, J.-L. Jiang, S.-P. Tang, Z.-Q. Miao, E.-P. Zhou, and R.-X. Xu, Constraints from LIGO/Virgo and NICER on quark star equation of state, 2009.12571

A. Li*, Z.-Y. Zhu, E.-P. Zhou, J.-M. Dong, J.-N. Hu, and C.-J. Xia, Neutron star equation of state: QMF modeling and applications, 2007.05116, (invited review) Journal of High Energy Astrophysics 28 (2020) 19-46

C.-J. Xia, Z.-Y. Zhu, X. Zhou, and A. Li*, Sound velocity in dense stellar matter with strangeness and compact stars, 1906.00826, Chin. Phys. C 45, 055104 (2021)

Z.-Q. Miao, A. Li*, Z.-Y. Zhu, and S. Han, Constraining hadron-quark phase transition parameters within the quark-mean-field model using multimessenger observations of neutron stars, 2006.00839 ApJ 904,103 (2020) 

Z.-Y. Zhu*, A. Li, and L. Rezzolla, Tidal deformability and gravitational-wave phase evolution of magnetised compact-star binaries, 2005.02677 Phys. Rev. D 102, 084058 (2020)

B. Wang, Z. Y. Zhu, A. Li, and W. Zhao, Comprehensive analysis of the tidal effect in gravitational waves and implication for cosmology, 2005.12875 ApJS 250, 6 (2020)

H. C. Das, A. Kumar, B. Kumar, S. K. Biswal, T. Nakatsukasa, A. Li, and S. K. Patra, Effects of Dark Matter on Nuclear and Neutron Star Matter,  2002.00594 MNRAS 495, 4893 (2020)

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H. Gao, S.-K. Ai, Z.-J. Cao, B. Zhang, Z.-Y. Zhu, A. Li, N.-B. Zhang, and A. Bauswein, Relation between gravitational mass and baryonic mass for non-rotating and rapidly rotating neutron stars1905.03784 Front. Phys. 15, 24603 (2020)

Dense matter with eXTP (White paper), 1812.04021 SCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy 62, 029503 (2019)

A. Li* and Z.-Y. Zhu, Note on neutron star equation of state in the light of GW170817, (Published Online: 17 July 2019) AIP Conference Proceedings 2127, 020010 (2019); 1903.01280Xiamen-CUSTIPEN Workshop on the Equation of State of Dense Neutron-Rich Matter in the Era of Gravitational Wave Astronomy (3–7 January 2019)

Z.-Y. Zhu, A. Li*, J. N. Hu and H. Shen, Quark mean-field model for nuclear matter with or without bag, 1805.04678 Phys. Rev. C 99, 025804 (2019)

Z.-Y. Zhu, E.-P. Zhou  and A. Li*, Neutron star equation of state from the quark level in the  light of GW170817, 1802.05510 ApJ 862, 98 (2018) outline

Z.-Y. Zhu and  A. Li*, Effects of the nucleon radius on neutron stars in a quark mean-field model, 1802.07441 Phys. Rev. C 97, 035805 (2018) outline

S.-K. Ai, H. Gao, Z.-G. Dai, X.-F. Wu, A. Li, and B. Zhang, The allowed parameter space of a long-lived neutron star as the merger remnant of GW170817, 1802.00571 ApJ 860, 57 (2018) 

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A. Li*Internal Plateau in Short GRBs and Quark Stars, JPS Conf. Proc. , 011025 (2018) Quarks and Compact Stars 2017 Kyoto University, 19(Sun)-22(Wed), Feb.2017

A. Li*, R. Wang, Pulsar glitch and nuclear EoS: Applicability of superfluid model, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Vol 13, Symposium S337 pp. 360 (Published online: 04 June 2018)  IAU Symposium 337- 50 Years of Pulsars, Jodrell Bank Observatory, United Kingdom- 4-8 September 2017

T. Liu, C.-Y. Lin, C.-Y. Song, and A. Li, Comparison of gravitational waves from central engines of gamma-ray bursts: neutrino-dominated accretion flows, Blandford-Znajek mechanisms, and millisecond magnetars, 1709.09810 ApJ 850, 30 (2017) outline

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A. Li*, R. X. Xu, and J. F. Lu, Strange stars with different quark mass scalings, 0905.3439 MNRAS 402(4), 2715-2719 (2010)


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